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There is no better feeling than to let a client know their IRS tax problems are over. We have helped hundreds of taxpayers successfully resolve their IRS tax issues and would like to help you feel the same relief.

Here is what some of our clients had to say:

I thought that I could handle the IRS without professional help. That bad decision cost me additional time and money. Then, I made a great decision; I contacted Lance Drury. He sat down with me to evaluate my case, and then Lance and his great staff (especially Liz) stood between the IRS and me. I have high praise for Lance’s professional work and also for his sincerer concern to help.

- Larry Connors, Former KMOV-TV Anchor, St. Louis, Missouri

To be honest with you, I first tired another attorney. After several month, nothing was done except for the amount that he wanted me to pay the IRS. When I sat down and talk with you, you told me that you would do what you could to help me out. You never promised me that the IRS would not come after me, but you gave me hope. After several letters and a couple of seat and meets, you have really put my mind at ease. Not only did you keep the IRS from coming after me, you got it to where the IRS will not seize anything I have. You really put my mind and wallet at ease. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. If anyone asks me for an excellent tax attorney, your name will be the offered. Again, I wish to thank you for everything you have done for me.

- Robert, St. Louis, Missouri

I had a tax issue and the situation was stressful to say the least. I did not know what to do and feared receiving notifications every day from the IRS. I met with Lance Drury and instantly felt my level of stress diminish. Lance Drury went to work and within a short period of time was able to resolve the tax issue. I really did not have to do anything but provide the basic information Lance Drury needed and he took care of the rest. Lance Drury is a wonderful attorney who promised me that he would "take care of me" and he did. I would recommend Lance Drury to anyone having a tax issue.

- Anthony, St. Louis, Missouri

Lance very quickly put our minds at ease, no more nightmares, no more sleepless nights. Lance was able to take care of our tax problems quickly, and kept us informed all through the process. We are grateful and thankful for friends like Lance.

- Joe, High Ridge, Missouri

I went through a devastating divorce six years ago and when you lose a second income the most important thing you need to do is keep a roof over your head and your stomach full. But that does not keep the IRS "wolf" away from your door when you owe back taxes. I was, and still am, in the legal profession, but there was no where I could turn in regard to my taxes in arrears. I ignored various notices from the IRS, and just hoped that it would go away, but unfortunately they did not. I had to sign for numerous US Mail notices that I had to pick up at the post office and reply to. I did not reply to them, and like all of us in tax situations, we just fooled ourselves and hoped that they would go away. But they don’t.

That is when I heard an ad on the radio about Lance Drury Law Firm. I took a chance and called him, set up an appointment and personally met with him in his Sunset Hills office. He made me feel that I was his only client and being in the legal field, you hardly get this experience with numerous attorneys. But he made me feel that I had nothing to worry about from that moment on. And I was right, I turned over all the recent documents that I had, and it seems that all I had to do was sit back and wait.

Yes, there were some paperwork to fill out, and many emails between myself, and his able staff, but as I look back on it, it was all worth every minute that I spent on those documents and forms I had to fill out. To keep my story short, my burden has been lifted, and I owe it all to Mr. Lance Drury, Esq. He is a very caring man and attorney, and his accolades, and recent recognitions from the Tax Resolution of Tax Attorneys, he deserves those kudos and more. To me it was money well spent, and he has taken care of me, and I can wake up now without the first items on my mind, of how I am going to deal with the IRS.

If you don’t at least meet with Mr. Drury, at least let him set up a plan for you, then you aren’t wasting your time, and the IRS is going to win. And believe me, they are relentless. Call Mr. Drury and the weight will be lifted. He does everything he states in his ads, and does them with excellence. Trust me...

- Michael
St. Louis, Missouri

George and I appreciate your work on our behalf with the IRS. You were always courteous and diligent even though the IRS changed agents on us several times and did not always respond in a timely manner.

In addition, you and your assistants always treated us with respect and answered our questions thoroughly and quickly.

Most importantly, you were successful on our behalf. The outcome was that we had zero tax liability and could put this weighty matter behind us.

We highly recommend you to potentials clients.

Thank you!

- Sincerely, Marcia
Columbia Missouri

I am writing to thank you for all you did for me in regards to my IRS issues. The help you gave me has turned my life around and allowing me to start fresh. Thank you is not sufficient to let you know how grateful I am for all that you did. You are truly a Superman!!!

- Sincerely, Theresa
St. Louis, Missouri

Prior to with Mr. Lance Drury, I was under a tremendous amount of stress regarding my tax problems. It was even affecting my health. After our consultation, Lance got right to work, keeping me well informed along the way. He has helped me tremendously and has lifted a large weight off my shoulders. Thank you for all of the hard work.

- Emily,
St. Louis, Missouri

What Lance and his team were able to accomplish was nothing short of a miracle for me and my family. In a world of instant gratification, which is a trend, Lance promised me everything was going to be ok, that he would see us through this. We had doubts. He and his staff reassured every time we met. It was more than ok, with more work than we would have ever dreamed of, on our part, because you think when you hire someone that they do it for you. In this case, Lance had to guide us through the mountain of paperwork and, having it accurate and on time. We could never have done this without him and his staff. His staff was and is so caring and patient when we were having our melt downs. They treated us, as Lance did, with care, understanding, respect and compassion. They shared our tears and fears, and for this, we will forever be grateful and thankful. Our life is better just by having met them. We can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us. Then again, one way I can think of is to keep up with our payments and be a reflection of your work and your word.

- Forever grateful, Elizabeth,
Southeast Missouri

I was impressed and was given hope!

When a person is in default to the IRS, life becomes miserable. I know that first-hand. I know the guilt and shame. I know the stress that it creates in the family. I know the darkness of the tunnel as light never seems to penetrate that darkness. That all changed when a friend of mine told me about Lance Drury. I made a contact and received information that gave me an introduction and background of Mr. Drury. I was impressed and was given hope. With all of the fliers I received in the mail trying to "help me" I was confused and distrusting. Mr. Drury is different. He does not send out "official looking" mailings. He is not an "ambulance chaser" from a distant state. He is in Missouri and serves clients only in Missouri. His business is built only by word-of-mouth.

Mr. Drury cautions those in the situation that you do not want to face the IRS alone. He is right. He was able to negotiate a settlement agreement at a significantly lower rate than I could ever imagine.

There is a light coming through. I am walking a path to a new life that will be free from phone calls, certified letters and all of the other factors that created grief in my personal and professional life.

If you are reading this, you have come to Mr. Drury's website because you are searching for a way out of your predicament. There is a way through it all and I trust you will find a happy ending as I did.

- Bruce
Augusta, Missouri

What a blessing, in less than 9 months, Lance has helped get resolution with the IRS!

After years of worry and concern as to how in the world I would ever be able to get out of this mess with the IRS, I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Mr. Lance Drury and staff. What a blessing, in less than 9 months, Lance has helped get resolution with the IRS for me...the rest now is up to me to stay current. How can I ever say Thank You....

- Mark
Benton, Missouri

When I was attempting to handle the IRS issues myself the mental load was astounding! I was about to start taking anti-depressants! I know it is illogical and irrational but the IRS caused me the same kind of fear that the Boogey Man does to little children. I couldn't sleep, I was anxious all the time. I felt like there was always someone looking over my shoulder. As soon as I hired Lance to handle the IRS it was like the weight of the world was removed from my shoulders. Lance reassured me that we can handle the IRS and then he did! I can breathe easier now.

- Debbie
Rolla, Missouri

I really like what Lance was able to do for me. I could never achieve these results myself. I went from being up nights worrying when the other show would drop to being confident that my situation was in capable hands. Not only did Lance relieve my stress and solve problems but I now understand how I even got in the situation in the first place and how to avoid it in the future.

- Kevin
Hillsboro, Missouri

The most valued member of your team is YOU-my ATTORNEY! I am confident our tax negotiations were handled in a professional manner to benefit our company's bottom line. I feel there is a lot of pride and honesty in the work done... I always know you will keep me on track.

- Mary
Desoto, Missouri

I first met with Lance Drury in May 2009 regarding my tax situation. I tried to work with the IRS on my own, even hired another tax professional to help but kept getting settlement offers that was not possible for me to meet. Mr. Drury got started right away and in a few months negotiated an installment plan that I knew I would be able to afford. Mr. Drury and Linda were there whenever I had a question or concerns-which there were several and never acted like my questions or concerns were not important. I could never have made it thru without the professional and caring help from Lance Drury. Thank you so much.

- David
St. Louis, Missouri

I think Lance is terrific! He was very thoughtful and great at giving me the information to understand and negotiate my tax debt. Lance is a very good listened he really understands what is most important to me.

- Suzanne,
Columbia, Missouri

It was a very good feeling to know that I had a competent team handling my situation for me. I would recommend Lance to anyone with a tax problem.

- Jan
Desoto, Missouri

"I am writing to thank you for all you did for me in regards to my IRS issues. The help you gave me has turned my life around and allowed me to start fresh. Thank you is not sufficient to let you know how grateful I am for all that you did. You are truly a Superman!!"

Sincerely, Theresa - Florissant

"The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements."

- Lance

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