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Revenue Officer Assistance

You Can Have the Upper Hand

IRS revenue officers are one way the government attempts to collect back tax debt. They are extensively trained in using liens, levies, and seizures against you, and will not be ignored. If you have been dealing with a revenue officer constantly calling you, showing up at your work, or threatening to seize your property you need to seek assistance now.

Although it may seem that a revenue officer always has the upper hand, they are required to comply with certain rules and regulations. With the help of the Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, we’ll ensure that the revenue officer assigned to your tax issues is complying with all regulations, that they are respecting your legal rights as a taxpayer, and we will negotiate agreements on your behalf.

Don’t let an IRS revenue officer ruin your life. Let the Law Firm of Lance R. Drury resolve your tax issues. Call us at (573) 883-3095 to schedule a free consultation.

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