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Inaccurate tax reporting can result in serious consequences if the situation is not dealt with immediately. If you have been contacted by the IRS or the State Tax Commission of Missouri, do not try to resolve the dispute on your own. No matter how much tax debt you have, there are only six possible outcomes:

  1. Pay the total amount you owe
  2. Reduce the total amount you owe
  3. Discharge some or all of your tax obligations in Bankruptcy
  4. Negotiate a repayment schedule
  5. Have your taxes deemed un-collectible
  6. Ignore the situation and let the IRS have their way with your income and assets.

We have the extensive experience needed when it comes to representing you in a tax dispute before the State Tax Commission of Missouri or the Internal Revenue Service. Let the Law Firm of Lance R. Drury negotiate the best settlement for you and start living a life free of IRS tax problems.

Do not face the IRS alone. Get tax help today by contacting us at (573) 883-3056 or using our online form and schedule your free initial consultation.

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