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February 2013 Archives

Pay Your Payroll Taxes

Former Businessman Sentenced for Failed Payroll Tax Payments

On October 12, 2012, in Boston, Mass., William E. Belleville, of Groton, was sentenced to 18 months in prison, one year of supervised release and ordered to pay $460,000 in restitution for failing to pay payroll taxes collected from his employees.  On April 10, 2012., Belleville pleaded guilty to conspiracy and tax evasion charges.  According to court documents, Belleville, was the former owner of a paving and plowing company, Mass.  Paving.  From 1993 to 2006, he withheld payroll and income taxes from his employees' wages, but failed to remit those sums, totaling approximately $460,000, to the Internal Revenue Service.

Finding the Right Solution for Your Tax Problems

The Department of Treasury once conducted a study where they had investigators posing as common taxpayers call IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers for help.  The result?  Auditors were given correct answers only 57% of the time. It's ridiculous that a taxpayer might not be able to count on getting a right answer from the IRS regarding tax questions, especially consider that the IRS is the agency that is charged with the task of enforcing tax laws. However, you may find yourself in a position where you're already past the point of needing basic tax help. Maybe you've filed but haven't paid the tax and the IRS is sending you letters that are increasing in frequency and the language regarding collection is getting sterner. Maybe you've reached the point where the IRS has already placed a lien on your property, and you're concerned that the next step is for them to garnish your wages, raid your bank account and/or seize your property. If you're in any of these positions, you need to speak with a qualified tax attorney as soon as humanly possible.  Ask yourself...if the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center cannot correctly answer simple tax questions more than 57% of the time...Do you think that they are going to be able to answer a question about a complicated matter such as a lien on your property...the Statue of Limitations...bankruptcy...or other complicated legal matters? Do you think that your accountant - a person who deals with taxes for 3 months out of the year and works with balance sheets and financial reporting for the rest of the year - is most qualified to help you fight and keep the IRS from destroying your financial life? Do you think that a regular attorney - one who spend most of his time dealing with personal injury suits, corporate law, or criminal law - is somehow familiar with the ins-and-outs of the complicated tax system of the United States, which changes from year to year?  Would just any attorney be familiar with previous tax decisions that could help your case? No - it's clear that a qualified Tax Attorney is your best choice in this situation.
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