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July 2017 Archives

New virtual conference option to come to the tax appeals process

Among the things dealing with a tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service could involve is bringing an appeal to the agency’s Office of Appeals. Among the things that have big impacts when a taxpayer is bringing such an appeal is what happens in interactions with this office. There are many such interactions the appeals process can involve. Given the high stakes connected to these interactions, having a skilled attorney’s help with such interactions can be of great importance for a taxpayer. This is the case whatever form these interactions take.

IRS accused of acting improperly in tax seizure

Certain tax allegations can be very impactful for small business owners. This includes allegations of trying to avoid taxes or allegations of owing a significant tax debt. Sometimes, such allegations lead to the Internal Revenue Service taking actions that could have major impacts on a person’s business. This includes tax seizures. When a tax seizure extends to the assets of a company a person owns, it could heavily impact their future ability to do business.

What expenses are deductible in a relocation

If you live in a city dominated by a college or near a college campus, you may notice substantial changes during this time of year. Yes, colleges and universities across Missouri welcome students back in August; which commonly means that tens of thousands of students pick up their lives (and their furniture) and move for another year of study.

Scope issues in the IRS bitcoin probe

Among the things Internal Revenue Service investigations can vary greatly in is their scope. Investigation scope has become a major issue in an IRS probe that has been getting a good deal of attention in the news.


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