What is Tax Resolution?

For most people, the IRS is only a concern during tax season. However, if you have underpaid your taxes or made a calculation error, you may be hearing from the IRS or your state or local revenue agency at another time. This can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t currently have the money…

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How to File Back Taxes

What you will learn: How Should You Handle Back Taxes? No matter who you are, if you are a working adult, you likely pay taxes. Unfortunately, sometimes people get behind on their taxes for various reasons. It may be financial struggles or a miscalculation. Whatever the reason, when you have IRS debt, it can be…

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What is an IRS Revenue Officer?

You were surprised to get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. Even more surprising was that the IRS wanted to send out a revenue officer to talk to you.  It’s not common for people to deal with these officers directly, but they could if the IRS finds that they cannot collect debts from you…

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How to stop IRS wage garnishment

If you owe the IRS money, it’s critical that you do whatever you can to make things right. One thing is for sure: The IRS won’t go away until you pay back every last cent that you owe. Depending on the circumstances, the IRS may garnish your wages as a means of collecting the money…

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Preparing for an IRS Tax Audit

income tax audit stamped on IRS form 1040

The last thing you want to receive in the mail is a notice of a tax audit from the IRS. The more you read, the more concerned you’ll become with your future. While this is a scary time in your life, it doesn’t have to be. There are steps you can take to better understand the process, how to protect…

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Protect Your Property From an IRS Levy

man surrenders to paperwork complications

When you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service, the worst thing you could do is ignore the bill. When you don’t make the necessary arrangements to settle your debt, the IRS may sell or seize your property. The IRS could take anything from you, like your: Home Wages Retirement accounts Boats Bank accounts Usually, people receive many notices and…

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Tax Payment Plan

couple frustrated by bills and receipts

Your work was going very well in the first part of the year, so you planned to take your profits and build up. Suddenly, your sales dropped off, and you were left barely scraping by. As tax time came around, you realized that you were self-employed and would need to come up with several more thousand dollars than you have.…

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How an Offer in Compromise with the IRS Works

IRS Offer in Compromise OIC agreement and pen.

You had probably never heard of an Offer in Compromise, or OIC, with the Internal Revenue Service until you got behind on your federal taxes. Now, with a tax debt looming over your head and the IRS threatening collection actions that could cripple you financially, you’re desperately seeking some kind of relief. Could an Offer in Compromise work? OICs are…

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IRS posts new announcement about tax filing deadlines

Tax changes newspaper

The information disseminated by governmental agencies tends to change rapidly and sometimes daily. Right now, few things are certain, and many people are just trying to keep up, including many here in Missouri. What everyone knows is that the annual ritual of submitting income tax returns to the IRS is still on the lists of many people. The question now…

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Taxpayers can once again take advantage of certain tax breaks

accountant is examining tax documents

Most Missouri residents will take the opportunity to save money wherever they can, and this usually includes doing what they can to avoid sending a big check to the IRS each year. For this reason, some taxpayers may be glad to hear that they can once again take advantage of some tax breaks that had disappeared prior to the new tax laws.…

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