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No one particularly enjoys paying taxes, but it’s something that we all have to do. In some countries, the government pre-fills these forms so there’s little room for error. Unfortunately, this is not the case in America. Simple mistakes can result in tax authorities digging deeper into your financial situation. If you’re facing scrutiny from the Missouri Department of Revenue, a state audit defense lawyer in St. Louis may be able to help.
At The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, our dedicated tax professionals strive to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients. At times, this simply requires showing state agencies that a taxpayer is fully compliant. In other instances, it may be necessary to negotiate with tax authorities to reduce potential fines and penalties. The appropriate strategy in your case will depend upon your unique circumstances.
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Can You Minimize Your Risk of a State Tax Audit?

If you’re concerned about a potential audit, you may be wondering whether your actions might have triggered scrutiny. If you’ve already received notice that you’re being audited, you’re likely questioning why. And for those who simply want to avoid such troubles, the question of risk mitigation is always at the top of their mind. The answers to each of these questions are all the same: understand red flags the government looks for.
If the Missouri Department of Revenue notices any of the following, they may decide to take a second look at your taxes:
Having a high number of independent contractors working with your business
Collecting the majority of your employment taxes and payroll in cash
Receipt of government benefits or tax relief could increase the risk of audit
Earning high income
Taking large deductions
Discrepancies between reported income and information on returns
Large cash transactions
Making significant changes or amending previously filed returns
In a perfect world, taxpayers could avoid these issues and rest comfortably knowing that they wouldn’t be audited. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world that we live in — and tax issues can be incredibly complex. If the state has decided to go through your finances, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to face this scrutiny on your own. A state audit defense attorney in St. Louis may be able to assist.

Why Do You Need a Missouri Tax Audit Defense Attorney?

Whether the state is coming after you for individual or businesses taxes, having a legal professional on your side can prove invaluable. In many cases, our St. Louis state audit defense lawyers have been able to show that our clients are fully compliant with tax law. In other instances, we negotiate with government agencies and can handle appeals, reduce or remove fines and penalties, set up installment plans, and help you remain compliant going forward.
Additionally, we can handle all the following issues — and we offer flat fees for all services:

    • IRS audits
    • Unfiled or late taxes
    • Unlawful tax avoidance
    • Federal tax liens
    • IRS investigations
    • Innocent spouse relief
    • Tax compliance for businesses
    • Tax return preparation

We pride ourselves in offering experienced representation in all these areas. However, we always recommend our clients come to us before there’s an issue with state or federal tax authorities. We can handle tax form preparation and help businesses remain compliant. These proactive steps can help you avoid the necessity of hiring an attorney to deal with a Missouri state tax audit.
However, we’re also here to assist after the fact. You don’t have to face state or federal authorities alone. Contact us today.

What Are the Consequences of a State Tax Audit?

The potential outcomes of a Missouri state tax audit can vary significantly based on your circumstances. In a best-case scenario, tax authorities will find no evidence of mistakes or non-compliance, and you can simply move on with your life. However, the other potential outcomes show the importance of hiring an attorney — even if you believe the Department of Revenue will realize they made a mistake.
If it’s discovered that you or your business was non-compliant in any way, you’ll very likely have to pay back whatever you failed to pay in the first place. Unfortunately, this might not be the end. You may also face penalties, fines, and interest. Once the Missouri Department of Revenue utilizes these punitive measures, both individuals and businesses alike often find themselves struggling financially.
Even worse, a state audit could attract the attention of the Internal Revenue Service. If this happens, you may face additional audits and investigations. In a worst-case scenario, the government may believe that you engaged in willful tax fraud or evasion, and this could result in criminal charges. With so much at stake, it only makes sense to hire a state audit defense lawyer in St. Louis. Contact our law firm for assistance today.

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Whether you made an oversight that the Missouri Department of Revenue might overlook or the attention of the IRS was caught by state scrutiny, dealing with tax audits is a stressful endeavor. Far too many people think these issues are mere formalities — and many expect that the state won’t respond aggressively if there was no criminal intent. Unfortunately, many of these individuals learn the hard way that state authorities take these issues seriously.
At The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, we understand that you’re probably worried about what comes next. From fines and penalties to criminal investigations, the consequences of a state audit can prove disastrous. However, it’s possible to minimize such outcomes with the help of an experienced tax legal professional. Let us review your case and help you understand your options. Contact us at (573) 508-0399 to schedule your free consultation today.
Our state audit defense lawyers in St. Louis can help you navigate these complex issues.