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Investigation into unpaid wages leads to tax evasion charges

On occasion, business owners in Missouri and across the country receive conflicting advice. Often, they will follow the advice of a trusted adviser, assuming that the information provided is accurate. Unfortunately, a married couple in another state claim that faulty advice created a situation that resulted in tax evasion accusations.

An investigation into the couple's four businesses was prompted by a claim made by a federal wage inspector who notified the district attorney's office in July 2016 that the couple owed approximately $270,000 in back wages. As a result, a search warrant was filed to access the couple's payroll tax records. Investigators claim that the couple was paying employees cash payments "under the table."

Requesting a waiver of penalties for late taxes

When you were in high school or college, you likely had many deadlines to meet. Projects, papers and exams all came with a due date, and you either struggled to meet those deadlines or mastered the art of time management.

Now, however, missed deadlines come with consequences more severe than a lower grade. In fact, if you miss the deadline for paying your taxes, you will face penalties that can set you back financially. Fortunately, you may be able to do something about it.

Paying taxes when you can't afford the full amount

If you are dreading another tax season because you have not paid last year's taxes yet, you are not alone. Many Missouri residents are caught off guard when they find out they owe Uncle Sam money they do not have. You may also have a healthy fear of the IRS, and rightly so. The federal government has power and license that most other debt collectors do not.

The worst thing to do when you owe money for taxes is to ignore the problem. The government does not give up easily, and the IRS will eventually claim what you owe one way or the other. Fortunately, the IRS also offers many options for people who cannot pay the full amount of tax debt they owe. You may qualify for one of these programs.

Dentist pleads guilty, avoids prison time in tax evasion case

People who facing criminal charges must often make a variety of different, difficult choices, including whether to fight the charges in court or accept a plea deal if offered. Unfortunately, some people in Missouri ultimately come to the difficult conclusion that there is sufficient evidence to convict them of the allegations against them, prompting them to plead guilty. In fact, a dentist in another state has recently avoided prison time following a guilty plea in a federal tax evasion case.

Reports indicate that the dentist admitted to diverting payments from his practice to personal bank accounts beginning in 2011. It is believed that as a result, he failed to pay taxes on $1.2 million in payments. The now 72-year-old man reportedly transferred the funds to investment accounts and other banks and used them for personal expenses.

Bruno DiFabio pleads guilty to tax evasion

When a person in Missouri owns a business, he or she may think nothing of taking cash from the cash register to pay for needed items. Unfortunately, such a relatively simple act, if it occurs relatively frequently, could result in a federal investigation and accusations of tax evasion. In fact, Bruno DiFabio, owner of several restaurants and reportedly a "nationally known pizza maker" after appearing on Chopped and the Food Network, has recently pleaded guilty to such charges.

The charges involve actions that are said to have taken place from 2013-2015. DiFabio is accused of failing to report over $800,000 in receipts to the IRS. Investigators claim that both DiFabio and others took money from cash registers, rather than depositing it into a bank account that accountants used to determine sales.

If you don't file, the IRS may file a return on your behalf

Dealing with taxes and the Internal Revenue Service -- or any government agency for that matter -- can cause anyone to feel overwhelmed. You may not have the right information to properly file your taxes, you may think that you do not have to file, or you may worry about not having the funds to pay any owed taxes.

You are not alone in these feelings, as numerous people in Missouri and across the country worry about their taxes, and not just during tax season. Still, in just a few months, the tax season will loom, and you may have several worries on your mind.

Man faces multiple felonies for alleged tax evasion

There is much involved with running a business. Many business owners in Missouri spend the vast majority of their time and energy ensuring its success. However, mistakes made could ultimately have serious consequences if prosecutors believe that the mistakes were actually a deliberate attempt to avoid paying taxes. In fact, a man in another state now faces multiple charges following tax evasion allegations.

The evasion charges involve a man and the business he owns and operates, Super Smokedale Tobacco Inc. Investigators claim that the man deliberately failed to report all tobacco sales and knowingly filed tax returns that were false. As a result, he is accused of failing to pay all of the sales tax that the government was owed.

Facing an IRS audit? Don't panic

Taxes are an aspect of working that most people in Missouri and across the country dread. Of course, because you know that taxes are inevitable and that you have to pay what is due, you work hard to make sure that you stay in compliance with the law when reporting your income and filing your tax returns.

Still, you may find yourself the subject of a tax audit conducted by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS will inform you of this audit through the mail. You should not ignore this letter or consider it a mistake. In fact, you will likely need to take action as dictated in the letter.

Renowned veterinarian accused of tax evasion

Most people in Missouri and across the country who do not work as an accountant or a similar field for a living would likely agree that taxes are complicated. Often, it is easy for people who have the best intentions to innocently make a mistake. Unfortunately, federal investigators may assume that a discrepancy is deliberate rather than a consequence of a complicated system. In fact, a man in another state is now accused of tax evasion.

The man is a world-renown veterinarian who worked at the Olympics. However, investigators claim that the man failed to report "significant" income in addition to filing false tax returns. He is also accused of overestimating his property taxes and claiming certain personal expenses as deductions.

Some of the most infamous cases of tax evasion

No one likes to pay taxes. Just about everyone, whether he or she resides here in Missouri or elsewhere, will take advantage of every possible way to reduce their tax liability each year. Most of the time, those efforts are entirely legal.

Sometimes, however, the IRS accuses individuals and businesses of using fraudulent or deceptive techniques in order to avoid paying taxes. It would simply not be worth the risk for you to attempt to "slide one by" the IRS. Convictions for tax evasion come with some severe penalties including prison time.


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