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Being involved in tax litigation as an individual or business owner can be a stressful experience. Compiling records, talking with government officials, and even going to court can all add to your already challenging experience. If your state taxes are being audited or called into question, it’s essential to get a state tax representation lawyer on your side immediately to protect your assets and resolve matters efficiently.

At The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, P.C., we are dedicated to advocating for our clients and helping them through any unique tax situation they may face. We can also help you ensure tax compliance moving forward and negotiate fees and penalties to develop a plan that works for your financial status. To learn more about our services and receive a free consultation, contact one of our offices today: Ste. Genevieve, (573)-883-3056; St. Louis, (314)-260-6120; Nashville, (615)-733-8168; and San Antonio, (726)-202-1300.

What Does a State Tax Representation Lawyer Do?

A state tax representation lawyer can represent you or your business in administrative appeals, audits, and tax litigation. As your tax attorney, a member of our team will be able to negotiate with government agencies and even represent you in court if the need arises. Our team of tax lawyers can also help you negotiate appeals, set up installment agreements, and reduce or remove fines and penalties that may come from underpaid or unpaid taxes.

If you’re dealing with tax litigation, it may be tempting to represent yourself. However, having a professional on your side is the best way to negotiate with government agencies and protect your income and assets. Unfortunately, many government agencies will not negotiate with individuals or give them the best possible deal. With a tax representation lawyer, you can rest assured that your best interests will be advocated for.

What Triggers a State Tax Audit?

Each state has its own department of revenue that collects state taxes. The Missouri Department of Revenue manages state taxes from businesses and individuals in St. Louis. Employees at the revenue department will review tax returns and look for red flags that might indicate someone is committing fraud or unwittingly underpaying their taxes. If they believe that to be the case, an audit may be ordered.

Businesses with a high number of independent contractors rather than employees may trigger an audit because independent contractors cost the company less money. Similarly, businesses that collect most of their payroll and employment taxes in cash may trigger an audit because cash transactions are often not recorded properly.

Individuals or businesses that collected tax relief or government benefits have a higher chance of being audited. Unfortunately, this is because many beneficiaries of these funds have been found to claim tax relief fraudulently. Even if you obtained these benefits appropriately and in good faith, you could still be ordered to provide records indicating how you used and benefited from the money.

The Missouri Department of Revenue has its own process for determining red flags that may indicate fraud or noncompliance. If you have been audited, it’s essential to reach out to a tax professional on our team. We can help you find your tax records to prove compliance and avoid fines and penalties.

What Are the Potential Outcomes of a State Audit?

After a state audit, the outcome depends on the Missouri Department of Revenue’s findings. If the department finds that your tax returns have no mistakes or noncompliances, then it’s likely that you will not owe anything further.

If the department finds evidence of noncompliance, you will likely owe the department of revenue money to make up the difference. Depending on the circumstances of the noncompliance, the department may also instill fines, penalties, and interest.

Owing a debt to the Missouri Department of Revenue can cause a financial burden on you or your business. Fortunately, our team can help negotiate with the revenue department and reduce or even eliminate penalties and fees. We may also be able to sign you up for a payment plan or installment agreement so you can pay your debt over time.

It’s also possible that a state audit will automatically trigger a federal audit from the IRS. If this does happen, the IRS will likely notify you that you are being audited a second time. Even if the federal government audits you, a tax attorney can still represent you and walk you through the audit process to get the best possible outcome.

What Else Can a Tax Attorney Help Me With?

Tax lawyers have many different skill sets and can assist you with multiple areas of tax law. No matter what kind of tax situation you are in, our team is here to help.

Our experienced lawyers can assist you with the following:

  • IRS audits
  • Unlawful tax avoidance
  • Late or unfiled taxes
  • IRS investigations and revenue officers
  • Federal tax liens
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Tax return preparation
  • Tax compliance for businesses

And more. Even if you don’t see your tax issue above, give us a call today. Our team will review your case and determine the best solution to help you move forward.

Should I Hire a State Tax Representation Lawyer?

Dealing with tax litigation as an individual or business owner can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Negotiating with government agencies can be difficult, especially if you don’t have experience in tax law. Hiring a state tax representation lawyer is the best way to solve your tax issues quickly and efficiently.

Our team at The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, P.C. is ready to represent you regardless of your tax situation. For a free consultation and to learn more about us, contact one of our offices today: Ste. Genevieve, (573)-883-3056; St. Louis, (314)-260-6120; Nashville, (615)-733-8168; and San Antonio, (726)-202-1300.