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If you have tax debt that you can’t pay, you may think you’re out of options; but that isn’t always the case. Being placed on a “Currently Not Collectible” status could be the answer, but it will not come automatically. The Law Offices of Lance R. Drury has attorneys in St. Louis, Nashville, Ste. Genevieve ready to help you.

Do I Meet the IRS Criteria to Be Placed In “Currently Not Collectible” Status?

After filling out the paperwork to request the status, the IRS will only consider granting it if your financial situation meets their qualifications. We can help you understand if this is an option that is right for your situation.

It is in the best interest of the IRS to not grant a Currently Not Collectible status, so obtaining one can be very difficult especially if you try to do it on your own. Seeking professional help from an attorney specializing in tax solutions is your best chance in obtaining the Currently Not Collectible tax status and finally getting tax relief.

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