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At the Law Office of Lance R. Drury, we specialize in Ste. Genevieve, MO, tax law. With experience and training, we fully understand tax laws and regulations, giving us an advantage when it comes to representing our clients. As an individual, small business owner, or corporation manager, you deserve the best representation when faced with a visit from the IRS or when you receive a debt collection notice in Ste. Genevieve. Because tax laws are always changing, you need someone on your side who is constantly analyzing and researching so your outcome is the best possible, and that’s always what we offer.

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Practice Areas

We aim to give you full representation at the Law Office of Lance R. Drury in Ste. Genevieve. Our practice areas allow us to do that for every client who calls or steps through our doors.

Tax Litigation and Controversy

There are several controversial tax-related issues in the world, and you won’t be able to keep up with everyone. Our expertise allows us to address these issues as they arise within the realm of your personal or professional life. Some of the issues we commonly assist with in regard to tax litigation and controversy in Ste. Genevieve includes:

  • Audits – The IRS conducts random screening selections to conduct audits. If you were flagged during this process because of a discrepancy with your taxes, we’ll help you minimize liability.
  • Federal Tax Lien – If you owe taxes, the IRS can file a lien against any property you own. We’ll help you fight back.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief – Sometimes, the IRS tries to collect taxes from you if your former spouse owes them. We have various relief options to help you avoid having to pay.
  • IRS Investigations – Not all IRS officers are fair in conducting their investigations. If you feel you are being harassed, we can help to counteract the unacceptable behaviors.
  • Late Taxes – Filing your taxes late or not at all could result in the IRS taking the return or garnishing wages to receive what they are owed. We’ll help you work around this.
  • Unlawful Tax Avoidance – Facing tax fraud charges because of unlawful tax avoidance is a serious issue. We’re committed to full representation.

Common Tax Issues for Businesses

With a host of common tax issues for businesses, we have become experts at helping small businesses and large corporations get on track in Ste. Genevieve. Some common tax concerns we assist with include:

  • Recovery Penalties – Too many small businesses begin to struggle, thus falling behind on payroll taxes. We’ll help you understand where you went wrong as well as how to fix the problem.
  • Sales Tax – As a company that sells goods, you have to pay sales and use tax. Let us help you set up your sales tax system so the government always gets what they’re owed, and you don’t face any penalties.
  • Underpayment – You have to stay on top of recordkeeping so your payments fall in line with what you actually owe. We can assist you with proper recordkeeping and payments, as well as help you when damage has already been done.

Tax Planning and Preparation

When you get your taxes set up correctly in the first place, you face fewer issues along the way. At the Law Office of Lance R. Drury in Ste. Genevieve, we are always on top of the changes in regulations and policies, ensuring your situation is secure and beneficial. Some situations we can help with include:

  • Appeals – Sometimes, the IRS makes determinations without informing you. We’ll represent you in an appeal to challenge the decision.
  • Currently Not Collectible – If you are in a situation that makes it difficult to pay taxes, we can help you obtain a cease-to-collect notice for the IRS.
  • Installment Agreements – If there is a lien against your property by the IRS, we’ll help you get the debt reduced or the strategy moved to an installment agreement.
  • Offer in Compromise – This is a complicated process, but if you’re in a tough situation, we can assist you in applying for your taxes to be reduced or removed.
  • Overpayment – Everyone has to file taxes each year. If you have overpaid, we will ensure you get a refund.
  • Penalty Abatement – If you face a penalty because you failed to pay your taxes, for example, we’ll work to dispute the penalty in an effort to reduce or remove it.

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