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A public official can become embroiled in a tax controversy

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The IRS does not care what position an individual here in Missouri or anywhere else in the country holds in society. If it suspects the individual of involvement in a tax controversy, the agency will pursue the matter. For instance, public officials are not above the law, and when authorities suspect them of wrongdoing, those officials could end up facing serious criminal charges.

A state representative on the East Coast was recently arrested on charges including tax fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud and illegal use of campaign funds. The 59-year-old public servant allegedly gambled his way into a significant amount of debt. He is accused of using campaign funds to cover those debts and personal expenses, such as gifts for a girlfriend, rental cars, hotels and more.

The Massachusetts state representative is accused of lying to banks to obtain loans. The IRS says that for the 2014 through 2018 tax years, he filed false returns by double dipping on deductible expenses, reporting false business deductions and concealed income. He faces several years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if he is convicted in federal court.

It is not unusual for tax fraud to end up on the list of charges individuals involved in white collar crimes face. It may seem logical to hire a criminal defense attorney, and that would be a good idea, but when a tax controversy is involved, more support and assistance would be beneficial. A Missouri attorney experienced in tax litigation could provide invaluable contributions to these types of cases.

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