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Alleged tax evasion case results in criminal charges

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When a person in Missouri and in other areas of the country experience professional success in their personal business, they likely feel a great deal of pride and fulfillment. However, during periods of success a business owner can also experience an extra workload in addition to additional cash flow. Unfortunately, this could potentially lead to oversights. While often unintentional, oversights on tax returns could ultimately result in accusations of tax evasion, among others.

In fact, a man who sold several nail salons and commercial leases in another state now faces criminal charges as a result of tax issues reportedly committed over a decade ago. Federal investigators claim that the man did not report his full income on his federal tax returns. The returns in question spanned from 2004 to 2007.

According to investigators, the man reported that he sold 20 commercial leases allowing the operation of salons and 16 salons. However, federal law enforcement officials believe that he actually sold a total of 76. The man, who has since moved out of the country, now faces multiple counts of making false statement to IRS agents.

Taxes can be complicated in themselves. As a result, criminal charges stemming from allegations of tax evasion can be especially difficult to understand, especially for someone who does not have experience with the criminal justice system. As such, those facing criminal allegations in Missouri often want an experienced professional on their side. Such a person can examine all the evidence against a person and help them plan the most appropriate response.

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