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Business owner admits to tax evasion

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Life for many families can be complicated. With all the responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of people in Missouri and across the country in their dual role of parents and business owners, the fact that something might fall through the cracks is not far-fetched. Unfortunately, if a person were to fail to submit an income tax filing, it is possible that federal prosecutors will view this oversight as deliberate tax evasion rather than a simple oversight regardless of the circumstances.

Unfortunately, a man in another state now faces criminal charges after federal officials claim that he failed to pay taxes. According to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the man owned a company called Brendle Climbing Systems in addition to creating Fitwall exercise equipment. However, he reportedly sold the rights to the exercise machine he created.

Despite this, officials claim that the man received approximately $1.5 million in payments between 2013 and 2014. However, he reportedly did not file taxes that year, allegedly resulting in a loss of over $400,000 in taxes to the federal government. He is also accused of submitting fraudulent forms requesting Medicaid benefits.

Charged with making fraudulent statements and failing to file tax forms, the man recently pleaded guilty in court. There are multiple reasons a person may choose to plead guilty to certain charges even if they did not commit the acts of which they are accused, including simply acknowledging that there is sufficient evidence for a conviction.  Unfortunately, cases that involve accusations of tax evasion are complex. However, there are experienced professionals who can help ensure that defendants in Missouri are fully apprised of their legal options, allowing them to make informed decisions in their best interests.

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