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Business owner pleads guilty to tax evasion charges

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Running a business is often complicated. For a small family run business in Missouri and other areas of the country, a great deal of the responsibility can fall on a single person. As such, it may be understandable that a person may think nothing of depositing a check, even if the payment has not been properly documented. Unfortunately, federal law enforcement officials may interpret such an act as deliberate tax evasion rather than a time-saving measure.

Unfortunately, a man in another state recently pleaded guilty to a charge of tax evasion. Federal officials say that the 58-year-old man runs a snowplowing and landscaping business. Authorities believe that from 2013 to 2016, the man cashed business-related checks that were made out to him instead of the business and did not report them to the IRS. They also claim that the man paid undocumented workers with cash and did not pay employment taxes for them.

As a result of the guilty plea, the man is set to be sentenced in June. He could potentially face prison time. Additionally, reports indicate that he has agreed to over $280,000 in restitution and to cover the unpaid employment taxes. The amount also covers interest and penalties.

Even hardworking, honest people in Missouri and other states could become accused of tax evasion due to alleged actions that they likely did not think was deliberately deceptive. Unfortunately, the criminal process following such charges is often complicated, frequently leaving defendants confused about the charges against them and their legal options, including whether it may be in their best interests to accept a plea deal, if offered. As a result, most people facing such accusations often feel more confident with an experienced professional on their side.

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