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What You Don’t Say To The IRS Could Be Your Saving Grace

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Being at odds with the IRS is one of the things in life everyone goes to great lengths to avoid. Unfortunately it happens – and far more frequently than the average person might expect. People from every socio-economic group find themselves owing money to the IRS. It happens to people you know are decent and responsible and to those you might judge as being less than exemplary. Rich and poor alike make mistakes that can land them owing back taxes. No one is immune. If you find yourself faced with IRS problems, do not despair. While we’ve all heard horror stories about people whose lives have been ruined by federal tax issues, if you can keep your wits about you and remember a few things from the start, you can avoid devastating consequences. Things you should never, ever say to the IRS Never voluntarily tell the IRS anything unless they specifically ask. If you find yourself in conversation on the phone or in person with an IRS representative do not volunteer information. Do not be fooled by friendly demeanor and think that you have found an understanding ear. This is how many people get themselves into deeper troubles with the IRS. You have the right to say nothing and you have the right to retain an attorney. Never tell the IRS something that is not true. Perjury is a crime. The IRS does not forgive any mistakes if they feel you have been dishonest. Never answer any question that you do not understand. Once again, you have the right to say nothing. The one thing the IRS does understand is the phrase, “I’ve decided to retain the services of an attorney.” Enough said!

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