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High potential for refund delays on the horizon?

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There are many different frustrating things a person could experience in relation to their taxes. One is a refund taking longer than they expected to arrive. It appears this source of frustration might be a particularly common one this upcoming tax filing season. The Internal Revenue Service has already warned that some taxpayers may experience delays in getting refunds for taxes filed over the tax filing period connected to next April’s deadline.

Some new rules and processes that the IRS will be using are being pointed to as contributors to the high potential for refund delays. This includes new processes aimed at preventing fraud. It also includes a new rule that applies to early filers who claim certain types of tax credits.

As this illustrates, new IRS rules and processes can sometimes have refund impacts on taxpayers. One hopes that, when implementing new processes and rules, the IRS keeps this in mind and does what it can to minimize potential negative impacts.

Sometimes, a refund delay can trigger special rights for a taxpayer. For example, this can happen when the delay caused the IRS to miss the applicable deadline for paying the refund.

Delays are not the only unpleasant surprise that can come up for taxpayers when it comes to refunds. For example, sometimes, the IRS challenges a tax deduction or tax credit claim underlying a requested refund.

When a person experiences a refund-related tax problem, what their rights and options are depends on the situation. So, they may want to promptly have their situation assessed by a skilled tax lawyer.

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