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Investigation into unpaid wages leads to tax evasion charges

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On occasion, business owners in Missouri and across the country receive conflicting advice. Often, they will follow the advice of a trusted adviser, assuming that the information provided is accurate. Unfortunately, a married couple in another state claim that faulty advice created a situation that resulted in tax evasion accusations.

An investigation into the couple’s four businesses was prompted by a claim made by a federal wage inspector who notified the district attorney’s office in July 2016 that the couple owed approximately $270,000 in back wages. As a result, a search warrant was filed to access the couple’s payroll tax records. Investigators claim that the couple was paying employees cash payments “under the table.”

At the time of the alleged offenses, 28 full and part-time employees worked for the couple’s businesses. As a result, they allegedly owed more than $1.1 million in payroll taxes. Though the charges — including 30 felony counts — were filed this past summer, they were only recently reported. A representative for the couple claims that they were given incorrect business advice, and there is hope for a “just result.” They have since pleaded not guilty.

Unfortunately, the couple now faces a precarious legal situation as a result of the tax evasion allegations, as well as additional accusations. To ensure that they are fully aware of their options, most people facing similar charges in Missouri want an experienced professional on their side who can help guide them through the process. Most people feel more prepared to make the decisions facing them with such a person on their side.

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