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IRS announces special tax relief for Missouri disaster victims

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Many things could impact a taxpayer’s ability to file or pay their taxes in a prompt manner. The exact nature of the problems they are facing can impact what sorts of options such a taxpayer has. Understanding one’s options is vital when facing a tax issue, as it can be a key part of proactively addressing the issue, which can sometimes keep a tax issue from transforming into a major problem. Experienced tax attorneys can help individuals experiencing problems with filing/paying their taxes with having a clear and accurate awareness of what courses of action they can take.

One thing that can create tax filing/paying problems for a person is a natural disaster, as such disasters can make getting access to key documents and resources needed to properly handle their tax matters much more difficult. An important thing to note that, in recognition of this, the Internal Revenue Service will sometimes offer special tax relief for individuals touched by natural disasters.

Many individuals here in Missouri are no stranger to the impacts of natural disasters. Just last month, portions of the state were hit by flooding, straight-line winds, tornadoes and severe storms. Recently, the IRS announced some special tax relief for victims of these weather disasters.

The area the IRS has designated as a disaster area for the purposes of determining whether a taxpayer is eligible for this relief contains over 30 Missouri counties, including Ste. Genevieve County.

Among the relief being offered is a postponement of the federal income tax filing deadline. As we mentioned in a past post, the filing deadline for this year is already a little later than usual, being placed on April 18 for most of the country. Under the disaster-related tax relief, qualifying Missouri taxpayers will have an even later deadline, May 16. There are other tax deadline postponements the relief includes. Additionally, the relief the IRS is offering is not just limited to deadline postponement.

Individuals with questions about how the relief options the IRS is offering might impact them should consider bringing their questions to an experienced tax lawyer.

Source: KFVS, “Missourians affected by New Year Floods eligible for tax relief,” Zach Robinson, Jan 22. 2016

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