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IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy

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Respond in 30 Days or Suffer the Consequences  Receiving a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS is one of the most unnerving pieces of mail anyone can get. It is the last in a string of notices that, if left unattended, gives the government the legal right to put liens on your property and seize your personal assets. From the time it is issued, you have 30 days to respond. Do not make the mistake of setting it aside. Open all correspondence from the IRS immediately. If you have not yet hired an attorney, it would be in your very best interest to hire one now. If you don’t, your stress level and tax problems are about to multiply exponentially. Don’t let that happen. If you can remember that the world was created in seven days, surely you can find the wherewithal to respond to the IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy in 30. Four full weeks gives you enough time to find a tax resolution specialist, sign a power of attorney, and have your attorney respond to the IRS before the deadline. That may seem overwhelming especially when you are stressed out because of your tax problems. However, taking the first step toward resolution relieves more stress than you can imagine. There are many things your attorney can do for you, but only if you take action before the 30-day response deadline. File a Request for a CDP (Collection Due Process) Hearing Filing for a CDP hearing is one of the most effective ways an attorney can work for a client. For starters, once the CDP request is filed, collection activity stops. Also, the statute of limitations for collections is suspended pending the CDP hearing. This gives the attorney ample time to discover if the levy is lawful, submit Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Penalty Abatement Requests initiate Innocent Spouse requests, discuss statutes of limitations that you believe may have expired among others. Let The Clock Run Out This means that the IRS has been pursuing you for close to 10 years. If that is the case, you may not know it. Your attorney will be able to find out and will advise you to let the clock run out at which time the IRS will no longer legally be able to pursue your tax debt. Life does not stop when you receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS. You still have business and family to tend to. However, if you delay and miss the deadline, your problems will be multiplied exponentially. So keep this in mind: 30 days hath September, April, June and November 30 days hath you to remember Respond to a Final Notice of Intent to Levy Or suffer the consequences

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