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When The IRS Places A Tax Lien On You, Lean On An Expert Tax Resolution Attorney

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Let’s face it. Life sometimes takes us places we wish we didn’t have to go. Like having a federal tax lien placed on our personal property. It happens every day. Many people are not even aware they have a tax lien against them until they go to borrow money or receive a letter from a tax attorney who found out about the lien from public records. If you find yourself in this situation, do not try to go it alone. This is one circumstance where you will need guidance, support and the authority of experience on your Never underestimate the power of expertise when selecting a tax attorney  Some people automatically think they need an accountant to represent them at the IRS. This is the first mistake you want to avoid making. Here’s why. Unlike lawyers, accountants do not have the benefit of attorney client confidentiality privileges. The benefit of the attorney client privilege means that all communication between you and your attorney is absolutely confidential. This gives you the freedom to disclose all information – even information that you may not consider relevant could be invaluable. When your attorney has all the information and you are not afraid to reveal all, the attorney can be far more effective. And your attorney will never be forced to testify against you, which is not the case when you hire an accountant. So hire the most experienced tax resolution attorney you can find. And make it a local attorney, someone you can sit down with face-to-face. Power of Attorney Another crucial benefit of hiring an expert tax resolution attorney is that they can provide power of attorney representation. Keep in mind that you can assign power of attorney to your accountant, or anyone else for that matter. Also keep in mind that they will not have attorney client confidentiality privileges. Once you sign a power of attorney document, your attorney then has the ability to act on your behalf, communicate directly with the IRS, receiving all phone calls and communications. You do not have to engage with the IRS at all. In fact, it’s best if you never communicate with the IRS directly. You just go on with your life while your attorney represents you before the IRS, in tax court and handles all further negotiations. Expertise offers wider range of power An experienced tax resolution attorney brings more to the table than anyone else you could hire to see you through your problems with the IRS. The IRS has one objective – to get every penny they think you owe them. And they prefer dealing with non-tax professionals because they know that eventually most people cave. Then, what’s yours becomes THE-IRS. A tax attorney with an exceptional reputation offers invaluable results and service along with an extensive variety of ways to negotiate the massive and ever changing maze of the normally terrifying IRS. Expert tax resolution attorneys go up against the IRS every day. Their fearlessness relieves your fears and will save you far more than money alone. When faced with an IRS tax lien, remember, we all need someone to lean on. So make sure you hire the most experienced, reputable tax resolution attorney you can find. Tax Attorney Lance Drury, founder of the Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, has been practicing law since 1984 and began representing individuals and businesses in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service in 2006.  With offices located in Ste. Genevieve and Columbia, Missouri, Drury has positioned himself as a leading attorney in the state for IRS tax resolution issues.  He is able to evaluate the unique situation of clients and provide them with honest answers and a specific plan to best resolve their tax problems

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