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Man accused of tax evasion, other tax-related crimes

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Most people and businesses in the United States are required to pay taxes. Though there are relatively few people who fully understand federal laws regarding taxes, most in Missouri and across the country are able to successfully file their taxes each year as required. However, when a tax situation becomes complicated — such as when a person is accused of tax evasion — it may become necessary to seek guidance from an experienced professional.

In fact, an out-of-state man is now facing criminal charges after federal law enforcement officials claimed that he did not pay his taxes as required by law. The man is said to have owned four different business in addition to operating a trailer park. Reports claim that the man controlled over 160 business entities that he used to hide his income and assets.

Federal officials claim that the man failed to pay taxes from 2000 to 2013, resulting in failure to pay $1.7 million in taxes. Reports further state that the man’s challenges of IRS action were “frivolous.” A court also allegedly determined that the man misconstrued federal law. He is scheduled to be arraigned in July.

Due to the complexities of federal and state laws governing taxes, it is understandable that someone in Missouri or another area of the country could make a mistake. In some cases where there is a dispute, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from an attorney with experience with tax law and cases involving allegations of tax evasion. Such professionals can help their clients fully understand the potential outcomes of tax evasions allegations and help them create an appropriate response if a disputes results in criminal charges.

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