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Man arrested, accused of tax evasion due to underreporting sales

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Running a business is often a difficult task despite the effort that owners put into it. For smaller businesses in Missouri and across the country, multiple tasks often fall onto one person. Because of this, it is easy to understand how an oversight can occur. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials in another state believe one man’s actions were tax evasion rather than a simple mistake.

The business involved sold cigars and tobacco. Reports claim that the owner, a 46-year-old man, was responsible for filing the business’s sales tax returns. However, officials say that the man underreported sales, resulting in fraudulent tax returns.

The alleged incident happened between Dec. 2013 and Oct. 2015. The business closed in March 2016. Investigators believe that the man owes just under $7,000 in taxes as a result of the underreporting. It is unclear what prompted officials to launch an investigation into the man’s actions. However, he was recently arrested and released after posting bail.

The man faces one count of tax evasion and multiple counts of filing fraudulent tax returns; unfortunately, cases such as this are often complicated. People in Missouri who are charged with similar crimes and have little legal experience may not fully understand the charges against them or how to best respond to them. Without professional legal help, many may be unsure of their legal options. As a result, many choose to seek additional guidance. An experienced attorney can help those facing criminal charges decide whether to fight the charges against them in court or negotiate a plea deal for reduced charges and/or a reduced sentence.

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