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Man faces multiple charges, including obstructing IRS laws

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Most everyone in Missouri recognizes the importance of taxes and the many things that paying them provide for those who live in the United States. Despite this knowledge, the process and laws surrounding the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, a man in another state is likely facing a stressful time after he was indicated on multiple tax charges.

The defendant in the case is described as self-employed. According to reports, he operates a carpet cleaning service. Reports claim that he was indicated on multiple charges. An indictment is simply a formal written statement, indicating that a grand jury believes that there is sufficient evidence to warrant charges. A trial has been tentatively scheduled for July.

Multiple accusations have been made against the man. Officials claim that he filed at least three false claims, claiming over $144 million in refunds from the IRS. Other accusations indicate that he failed to file accurate and timely returns for approximately 20 years.

The charges the man faces as a result of his interactions with the IRS come with serious consequences if convicted. In addition to prison time, he could also have to pay monetary penalties. Unfortunately, many people in Missouri who have been under suspicion of committing tax crimes are likely aware of the complications associated with responding to such accusations. Often, some people facing such charges find it prudent to accept a plea deal — if offered — if they realize that there is sufficient evidence for prosecutors to obtain a conviction. An attorney with experience with such cases can help defendants fully understand all aspects of their cases and choose the path that is most appropriate with their individual situation.

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