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Man faces multiple felonies for alleged tax evasion

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There is much involved with running a business. Many business owners in Missouri spend the vast majority of their time and energy ensuring its success. However, mistakes made could ultimately have serious consequences if prosecutors believe that the mistakes were actually a deliberate attempt to avoid paying taxes. In fact, a man in another state now faces multiple charges following tax evasion allegations.

The evasion charges involve a man and the business he owns and operates, Super Smokedale Tobacco Inc. Investigators claim that the man deliberately failed to report all tobacco sales and knowingly filed tax returns that were false. As a result, he is accused of failing to pay all of the sales tax that the government was owed.

Officials claim that by underreporting sales, he evaded paying $918,000 to the government from April 2011 to Dec. 2016. That amount, according to officials, does not include penalties or interest. Now the man and the business face over 40 felony counts.

In addition to allegations of tax evasion, the man is also accused of operating a business without a permit. When a person in Missouri is accused of a crime, he or she has several options available. However, without proper training, there could be confusion regarding these options and their potential outcomes. Fortunately, there are criminal defense attorneys with experience with these kinds of cases that can help guide defendants throughout the process, helping them decide on the most appropriate course of action for each individual circumstance. Often such a profession can give a defendant additional confidence in the decisions that must be made.

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