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Man pleads guilty to tax evasion

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When a person is accused of a crime, he or she likely has several questions that must be answered before proceeding. In many cases, people in Missouri with little experience with the criminal justice system may not fully understand the charges against them. In some cases, a defendant may feel that he or she has no other option than to plead guilty. In fact, one man in another state has recently pleaded guilty to a charge of tax evasion.

The charges involved a 52-year-old man. According to reports, the man both worked for and had a business interest in a company called Innovative Concepts Corporation. The company apparently contracted with companies in another country. Intermediaries helped facilitate business transactions, performing tasks such as negotiating with factors and ensuring that manufactured products are shipped.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officials claimed that the man instructed some of the intermediaries to overcharge ICC from 2008 to 2011. The intermediaries would then return the overcharge to the man. In this method, the man is accused of receiving over $630,000 in improper income. He allegedly failed to pay taxes on the income as well, resulting in a debt of over $186,000 to the Internal Revenue Service.

The man is expected to be sentenced in mid-December. He could spend up to five years in prison and incur a fine of $430,000, including back taxes, penalties and interest. Unfortunately, many people in Missouri accused of a crime are unsure how to respond, especially in complicated cases involving allegations of tax evasion. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help.

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