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Overpaid Taxes – What To Do

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You were so cautious about paying your taxes on time that you made an error on the return. That simple error meant that you overpaid by a few hundred dollars, which you’d like to get back from the Internal Revenue Service.

Requesting a Refund

Did you know that you are able to request a refund if you overpay on your taxes? You may find it a little confusing to do so, but your tax attorney can help you correct your tax return and seek the refund that you deserve.

Why Would Someone Overpay on Their Taxes?

There can be multiple reasons for overpaying on taxes, from paying too much in taxes through your employer or not accounting for the loss of a second job when you make your estimated tax payments in advance. Even having a new child could impact your taxes and lower what you owe, but if you don’t adjust what you pay to the IRS, you could end up paying out too much.

In most cases, the IRS will return any overages paid to you as soon as they notice that you overpaid. However, if you overpaid because of a problem on your tax return, you may want to work with your attorney and accountant to change the return and update it appropriately. Then, you can request your refund directly so that you can get it sooner rather than later.

Contact Our Office

Overpaying usually isn’t a serious problem, but it may be complicated to get that money back. Our site has more on what you should do to start the process of getting a refund of the taxes that you overpaid to the government. Contact one of our offices online today or give us a call (Ste. Genevieve, (573)-883-3056; St. Louis, (314)-260-6120; Nashville, (615)-733-8168; and San Antonio, (726)-202-1300.)

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