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The 3 Things You Should Never Tell the IRS

, Missouri IRS Tax Attorney, explains the three things that you should never tell the IRS.

Tax Relief Industry Exposed

Brian Ross exposes Tax Masters fraud on ABC Nightline.

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Missouri IRS Tax Relief

Having IRS tax issues is difficult enough without having to worry about getting the right professional on your side. Here are some important questions you should ask every tax professional you interview. Before you hire anyone, make sure they can answer these to your satisfaction. Q. How many years has the professional been in business? You want to make sure that…

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Separate the Facts from Fiction

Not all tax professionals are created equal. Let us help you get to the truth about tax resolution professionals. Myth 1: All tax professionals have basically the same training. Truth: Not all tax professionals have the same training. US Tax Agent Resolution Specialists, for example, undergo a rigorous comprehensive training and participate in annual continuing education courses specifically dealing with…