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Plea to tax evasion charges leads to probation

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An entertainer in Branson, Missouri, has been sentenced to five years’ probation on charges of tax evasion. In addition, the star of “Six” has been ordered to pay over $200,000.

In federal court in April 2016, the man pleaded guilty to charges of willful failure to file a return or supply information and attempting to evade or defeat taxes after he failed to pay over $300,000 in federal and state income taxes. The man is a shareholder for several businesses, but failed to file or pay taxes.

The U.S. attorney in the Missouri western district issued a statement, saying that for six years, the man “took affirmative acts to evade paying income taxes.” During those six years, the man reportedly made between $229,271 and $286,642. The federal tax loss was listed at $217,959, which the state tax loss was listed at $46,439.

The man spoke to Internal Revenue Service employees several times and over the course of several years, received many notices about his unfiled returns. The U.S. attorney’s statement reported that the man has made his state tax payment when Missouri had an amnesty tax program.

The “Six” show’s director of operations said that the man is still working to take care of his federal taxes.

While it can be easy to believe that tax evasion is not a serious crime because it is classified as a white collar crime, the truth is that the man was fortunate his plea was accepted and that he isn’t serving time in a federal prison. If you have had difficulties with your taxes and aren’t sure where to start to take care of the problems, you may find the help and guidance of an experienced attorney helpful. He or she can help you learn more about your legal options.

Source:, “Entertainer gets probation for tax evasion,” Cliff Sain, Dec. 20, 2016

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