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Reality television family accused of tax evasion

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People who have television success often experience a larger amount of scrutiny in a variety of different ways. This is especially true if those people are accused or suspected of committing a crime. In fact, many people in Missouri and across the country are likely following the story of Todd and Julie Chrisley after they were accused of tax evasion and other charges.

The Chrisley family is featured on the show “Chrisley Knows Best” that airs on USA. However, federal law enforcement officers claim that the couple worked to hide their income from the show from the IRS. The couple allegedly created a company that was the recipient of the funds from that show. However, they are accused of failing to include the income from their show on their income tax returns.

Officials additionally claim that the couple failed to file their taxes on time for years. Despite claims that they couple earned $300,000 from the show in one month, an accountant working for the couple told the IRS that the family did not have the funds to pay their outstanding tax debt. That accountant also faces criminal charges in connection to the case. An attorney for the couple says that they are innocent. The Chrisleys claim that the charges are related to false claims made by a former employee who they say was fired upon the discovery that he was stealing from them.

Unfortunately, the couple are now facing several criminal accusations in addition to the tax evasion claim. Their accountant is also accused of aiding the filing of a false tax return and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Accusations such as this often involve complicated cases; many people in Missouri facing similar charges have felt unsure about their legal options. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can guide them throughout the process.

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