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Renowned veterinarian accused of tax evasion

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Most people in Missouri and across the country who do not work as an accountant or a similar field for a living would likely agree that taxes are complicated. Often, it is easy for people who have the best intentions to innocently make a mistake. Unfortunately, federal investigators may assume that a discrepancy is deliberate rather than a consequence of a complicated system. In fact, a man in another state is now accused of tax evasion.

The man is a world-renown veterinarian who worked at the Olympics. However, investigators claim that the man failed to report “significant” income in addition to filing false tax returns. He is also accused of overestimating his property taxes and claiming certain personal expenses as deductions.

A federal grand jury recently handed down an indictment that included eight counts against the 67-year-old man. If convicted of the charges, he could spend five years in prison. Additionally, he could be ordered to pay a $100,000 fine per count. The Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation conducted the investigation that led to the charges. It is unclear what prompted the investigation.

In addition to the complications associated with filing taxes, responding to accusations stemming from claims of tax evasion can be even more difficult for someone who has little legal experience. As such, those in Missouri and other areas of the country who are facing such allegations often want experienced professionals on their side. With such guidance, they are often more prepared to make informed decisions about their case.

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