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Responding to tax evasion allegations in Missouri

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April 15 is often a dreaded date for many individuals and businesses in Missouri and across the country as that is the day that taxes typically must be filed. Though most people enjoy the things that taxes fund — such as public libraries and well-maintained roadways — few people enjoy parting with their hard-earned money. Despite this, most people do not attempt tax evasion.

Americans are required to fill out tax forms every year. Through these forms, they report the size of their families, the amount of money they earned and their expenses. Though this may seem relatively straightforward, the process can be complicated. After factoring in the total income and any deductions, an adjusted gross income is determined, then any allowable credits — such as those obtained by investing in the energy efficiency of a home — are added back.

Unfortunately, if the IRS suspects that a person deliberately attempted to avoid paying taxes, he or she could be charged with tax evasion. The IRS must be able to prove that any discrepancies were not simply the result of a mistake. If the IRS suspects that someone took advantage of the tax system, underreported their income or inflated their business expenses, for example, it could open an investigation.

Just like the process of filing for taxes, responding to allegations of tax evasion can be complicated. As a result, many people in Missouri want someone with experience with such allegations on their side as they go through the investigation process and respond to any charges that follow. Knowing that an experienced attorney is fighting on their behalf can provide some degree of peace of mind to those facing such allegations.

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