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Some tax problems can lead to tax penalties

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When a person is facing a tax problem, promptly going to a skilled tax attorney for guidance can be very important. What happens with a tax problem can significantly affect a taxpayer’s life. Severe consequences can come up in relation to tax difficulties.

For example, some tax problems can lead to a person being issued a civil tax penalty by the Internal Revenue Service.

An IRS tax penalty is no minor matter. These penalties can get quite large. For example, tax penalties related to a tax debt sometimes get as high as 75 percent of the debt amount. So, such penalties have the potential to significantly impair a person’s financial future.

There are a variety of different circumstances under which a taxpayer could face an IRS tax penalty. See our law firm’s civil tax penalty page for a list of some of the types of conduct the IRS issues tax penalties in connection to.

When a person is accused of conduct that can result in a tax penalty being issued, it is important for them to understand what options they have for trying to resolve the matter in a manner that will allow them to avoid a tax penalty. Also, if a taxpayer has been issued a tax penalty it is important for them to be aware of what actions may be available to them to try to get the penalty removed or reduced. Not fully understanding one’s options in tax penalty matters could result in a person missing potentially helpful resolution avenues and their situation being worse than it has to be. Skilled tax lawyers can give individuals who have been issued a tax penalty or are facing accusations that could lead to such penalties guidance on their situation and assist them in trying to resolve their tax matter in a way that will help keep their financial future safe.

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