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Tax controversy: Man receives almost $1 million tax refund

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At this time of year, many people in Missouri and across the United States are likely thinking about filing tax returns and whether they will receive a refund. For many, the process of preparing their taxes is a daunting one, and any mistakes could potentially have serious consequences if law enforcement officials believe they were deliberate. In fact, a man in another state is now embroiled in a tax controversy after reportedly receiving a tax refund of almost $1 million.

The man reportedly completed his own taxes for 2016 and filed them in Feb. 2017.  Reports indicate that he reported making just under $18,500 as a freelancer. He reportedly claimed that he withheld $1 million. As a result, he allegedly received a check from the IRS for $980,000.

However, federal law enforcement officials claims that the man actually made just under $3,000 and that he withheld no federal income taxes. Since them, the federal government seized over $919,000 from the man in addition to a vehicle that he reportedly purchased with the funds. The parties are now haggling over approximately $810 that the man received as an refund from the insurance company after canceling the insurance policy on the car.

The man has not currently been charged with a crime as a result of the tax controversy, and it is unclear if charges are anticipated. However, he may want an attorney with experience on his side as he responds to the allegations against him. Often, such a professional can provide valuable guidance to those accused of similar acts in Missouri even before charges are filed.

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