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Tax preparer charged with tax evasion, fraud

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Anyone in Missouri who has ever filed their taxes likely knows that it can be extremely complicated. Even those people who prepare taxes for a living may struggle sometimes with the process. Unfortunately, a man in another state now faces criminal charges, including tax evasion.

The man faces multiple counts as a result of a recent indictment. The 64-year-old reportedly was the sole operator of a business that prepared tax returns. However, federal authorities claim that from 2013 to 2017, he listed business expenses and losses that he knew his clients had not incurred in addition to charitable contributions that were fake in filings h prepared for his clients in an attempt to reduce their tax liability. Officers further claim that the man worked as a “ghost preparer,” leaving no trace that he prepared the returns, including filing electronically to make it look like the taxpayer filed them.

Additionally, the man is accused of failure to file corporate and personal tax returns for several years. Officials say that he attempted to hide his income from the tax preparation business by having funds deposited into the accounts of family members. Officials claim that he avoided the assessment of taxes over $600,000 in this manner.

As a result of the allegations against him, the man faces eight counts of tax evasion and 11 counts of aiding and abetting the preparation of a false tax return. A conviction of the charges could carry a significant prison term in addition to fines. Often, people in Missouri facing similar accusations want an attorney with experience with such cases to help them create the most appropriate response.

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