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The basics of dealing with IRS action taken against you

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Owing the IRS and not responding to the IRS are two completely different sets of circumstances that any taxpayer needs to understand. The Internal Revenue Service may have its problems and it may be slow to react sometimes, but it won’t forget. It is in your best interests to deal with any IRS action as quickly as possible.

So if you owe the IRS money, the first step is to communicate proactively and effectively with them. Don’t bury your head in the sand and ignore the notices — that will only hurt you in the long run.

If the IRS requests a meeting with you, don’t panic. Remain calm and talk to a legal representative to help you. Remember, the IRS has a reputation of being this big, powerful agency. In many regards, they are. But they also have limits, and you also have rights. Just because the IRS takes action against you doesn’t mean you will end up having to hand over your life fortune to them. An experienced tax attorney can help you get a handle on your tax situation and can even be in the room with you during the interview.

The IRS must inform you of your rights during this interview, and they also have to follow due process. They don’t have unlimited power, and you aren’t helpless in this situation. Even if you end up owing the IRS, there are payment options that you can utilize to manage your situation effectively.

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