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What to do in the event of an IRS investigation

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Anyone in Missouri who has filed their own taxes is likely aware of the complications associated with the process. For many, the idea of making a mistake is nerve-wracking. Unfortunately, the threat of being under an IRS investigation is even more difficult.

Unfortunately, there are some people who will find themselves being scrutinized by the IRS. Many may simply need to provide additional information or clarification. Unfortunately, others may be suspected of a crime, including tax evasion or fraud, among others.

As distressing as it can be to be investigated by the IRS, there are options to help with the process. For example, many people in Missouri turn to The Law Office of Lance R. Drury for assistance. Many people find it beneficial to involve his office during the earliest stages of an investigation, before an audit noticed is received or criminal charges have been filed.

Our attorney has several years of experience practicing law, both as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. His knowledge of tax law can help those under suspicion of the IRS take steps to help in the investigation that may follow. Our experience and knowledge has helped others in similar circumstances seek a positive outcome. We are with our clients throughout the process, helping them make decisions in addition to explaining their options and their potential outcomes. Though any sort of  investigation involving accusations of criminal activity can be overwhelming for those who do not have legal training, we will work diligently on our client’s behalf to protect their interests and respond appropriately to any issues that they may encounter.

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