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When a person receives an inaccurate federal tax bill

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The Internal Revenue Service may sometimes seem like an all-powerful and all-knowing entity to taxpayers. However, like any organization made up of humans, this agency is more than capable of making mistakes. For example, the IRS sometimes makes mistakes in the tax bills it issues to taxpayers.

One type of error that sometimes occurs on IRS tax bills is a person being billed for more in the way of taxes than they actually owe. Now, thankfully, taxpayers aren’t simply out-of-luck when an IRS error leads to them being assessed a larger amount in owed taxes than they should have been.

Rather, there are avenues taxpayers can take to try to get the error corrected and their tax bill set to the right level. Typically, the notices a person receives from the IRS in relation to tax bills contain instructions on what a person can do in response if they think a tax bill is incorrect in regards to things such as the amount owed.

Sometimes, a taxpayer’s efforts to get a mistake on a tax bill fixed go without a hitch. Other times though, they might encounter resistance from the IRS in relation to their efforts. For example, the IRS might contest whether a mistake was made and whether the tax bill is actually inaccurate.

Encountering IRS resistance to changing a tax bill that has an amount one disagrees with can be very frustrating, but it does not mean a person’s options have run out. A taxpayer can still fight to get a tax bill mistake fixed in the face of such resistance. When taking such efforts, what help and support a person has could make a big difference. So, when one is in a disagreement with the IRS over the amount of a tax bill, promptly getting guidance on one’s options and help with the execution of such options from a tax attorney can be important.

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