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While many view lying to the IRS as okay, doing so can get you in real trouble

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Not all lies are viewed equally by people. Some are viewed as more acceptable than others. A recent survey indicates that many individuals view lying to the Internal Revenue Service as acceptable.

In the poll, 2,115 adults in the U.S. were asked about the acceptability of various types of money-related lies. One of these lies was lying to the IRS about under-the-table income. Nearly a fourth (24 percent) of the respondents said they felt that this sort of lie was alright.

One of the individuals involved in the survey’s construction speculated that this trend of many viewing lying to the IRS about income as okay might in part be due to an increase in people earning income in non-traditional ways.

Why do you think viewing lying to the IRS about income as okay is so common?

Now, while many individuals may feel it is acceptable to lie to the IRS about income, the IRS certainly doesn’t. If the IRS suspects an individual is lying about their income on their taxes, the individual could face investigations, aggressive civil tax actions and even criminal charges. Given this, when it comes to one’s taxes, however one earns one’s income, it can be very important to not be dishonest with the IRS about income.

Staying away from lying is also important when being investigated by the IRS or dealing with the IRS in relation to a tax matter. Lying to the IRS in such situations could end up making matters considerably worse.

When facing problems with the IRS, a lot can be at stake and how a person acts can have considerable long-term implications, so treading carefully can be vital. Experienced tax lawyers can provide guidance on navigating these sensitive situations.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Survey Shows Many Americans Fine with Lying to the IRS, or Their Insurer,” Don Jergler, March 15, 2016

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