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Will the Most Pervasive Tax Fraud in History Take IRS Focus Off of You?

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With the IRS entangled in the most pervasive tax fraud in history, your tax problem may seem like small potatoes.  If you think for a moment that their attention will be diverted away from the money you owe them, think again. Even though a recent article published in The Hill calls for “all hands on deck” and quoted Orrin Hatch and Ron Wyden as saying, “Any solution must involve coordination between Congress, the IRS, state agencies, law enforcement, and the tax preparation industry.” (

One might be tempted into thinking that all efforts will be focused on trying to reach a solution and that your personal tax problems simply aren’t going away.  Once again, be assured the IRS will not turn a blind eye. That being said, you still need to work with the best tax resolution specialist you can find. Maybe the IRS will be slightly distracted but you don’t want to skimp on having your issues resolved correctly and without delay. You might be furious that the IRS paid out roughly $5.8 billion to fraudsters in 2013, according to the most recent data from the Government Accountability Office. And, you have every right to be. You might even be one of the more than 100,000 taxpayers that thieves stole tax records from right from the IRS website.

Despite the enormity of the problems the IRS faces, they still want the money you owe them. I can help you solve your tax debt issues efficiently and correctly. I’ll keep my attention focused on helping you get the best possible solution.

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