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When April comes around, we can finally start to enjoy spring. Unfortunately, vibrant flowers and beautiful weather are accompanied by tax season. Filing your taxes can be a tedious and stressful endeavor, but failure to do so will create its own problems. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this alone. An individual tax return lawyer in St. Louis can help.
At The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, P.C., our dedicated team of legal professionals can handle all your tax issues. For some, this means dealing with IRS investigators conducting an audit. However, filing your individual return correctly in the first place can help you avoid such a stressful outcome. Don’t risk encountering problems or missing out on a substantial tax return.
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Why Should You Hire a St. Louis Individual Tax Return Attorney?

Preparing your taxes correctly is critical. Failure to do so could delay your tax refund or result in underpaid taxes, fines, penalties, and interest. If you’ve ever reviewed tax documents in-depth, you understand that they’re incredibly complicated. Of course, there are tax filing software options out there, and they all promise to file your return quickly. However, it’s important to remember that these services were not created with your unique tax situation in mind.
Put simply, online filing services cannot provide the same level of care as a St. Louis individual tax returns lawyer. They often only handle basic returns, and even if your financial situation isn’t complex, these services only know the information you input. A single oversight or mistaken entry can result in your entire return being incorrect. A tax attorney can make sure everything is filed correctly and in a timely manner.
Even better, a legal professional can help you deal with any tax disputes that may arise. Will (not a real service) negotiate with the IRS to reduce your tax liability? Absolutely not, so contact our individual tax returns lawyers in St. Louis today for dedicated and personalized service.

What if You’re Having Issues With a Tax Return?

It’s not uncommon to encounter issues when filing your taxes, and in some instances, this could lead to tax disputes. This occurs more frequently when taxpayers make mistakes during filing — a common occurrence when not working with a tax attorney.
However, you don’t have to deal with the consequences of mistakes on your own just because you made the mistakes on your own. At The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, our dedicated team of tax professionals can assist with the following issues:


Individuals audited by the IRS are often eligible to appeal any unfair determinations.

Offer in Compromise

A St. Louis individual tax returns lawyer may be able to help you settle tax debts for less than you owe.

Installment Agreement

Tax authorities often use liens against those who owe them money. We can help remove liens and set up an installment payment agreement.

Currently Not Collectible

If paying a tax debt would create an undue burden, our law firm can help you apply for “currently not collectible” status.

Penalty Abatement

Penalties assigned by tax authorities can sometimes be higher than what you originally owed. We may be able to help remove penalties.

Overpayment Claims

If you overpaid your taxes in a recent year, our law firm can guide you through the complicated process of requesting a refund.

Can Tax Attorneys Also Assist With Personal Wealth Management?

Many people don’t realize it, but it’s often possible to reduce your tax liabilities. For instance, envision two individuals who earn the exact same amount of income in a given year. Depending on what these people do with their money, one may see a substantially higher tax bill. That’s because proper wealth management can reduce tax burdens.
At The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, our St. Louis individual tax returns attorneys can assist you with all the following — potentially lowering your tax obligations significantly:

    • Estate planning
    • International tax consideration advice
    • Creating trusts and wills
    • Incorporating businesses
    • Writing business contracts

These services are just the tip of the iceberg. Put simply, our law firm is committed to reducing the financial burden placed on our clients by tax authorities. If there’s a way to save you money or increase your refund, we’ll seek it out and help you take advantage of it. Don’t risk your financial well-being with big box store accountants or online software.
Our tax lawyers have the experience and knowledge to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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No one enjoys tax time. Even if you’re expecting a substantial return, the process of filing can be stressful. This is likely why tens of millions of Americans wait until the last two weeks before the filing deadline. Whether you’ve waited until the last minute or you want to file your return quickly and get a fast refund, having an experienced legal professional on your side can prove invaluable.
At The Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, P.C., we’ve seen Missouri citizens stress over tax deadlines and whether they’re maximizing their refunds. There’s a reason that accountants and tax attorneys have to go to school for so long: tax law is incredibly complicated. Simple mistakes can result in increased scrutiny from tax authorities — or they can cause you to miss out on a substantial refund.
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