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IRS Fiasco! In July of 2013, my husband passed away, an untimely passing and I became a widow long before I expected. I had been ill for quite some time prior to his death and I feel that he was trying to shield me from the IRS fiasco. After learning of the overwhelming facts of our indebtedness, becoming a widow unexpectedly and being confined to a wheelchair it became exhausting and depressing. During that time, someone suggested that I contact Lance Drury. I called and schedule an appointment with him at his Columbia office and thereby retained his services. That entire situation with the IRS was so embarrassing to me. Thankfully, Lance got right to work on my case. It took a bit longer than we expected because of the IRS tactics but Lance was determined to secure a settlement, which he ultimately did. I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to Lance and his staff for their absolute determination to resolve the matter. Everyone is professional, helpful and respectful. I will be forever grateful and completely satisfied with the outstanding results of this problem at the worst time of life Hoo-ah!!!
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