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Complex Tax Problems


Took On My Very Difficult Situation! Mr. Drury agreed to take on my very difficult situation without hesitation. My mother has passed away and unknown to me she had some considerable tax issues from some inheritance form one of her siblings. I found this out when I tried to sell her home which I had purchased for her but titled in both of our names. With the existing mortgage on the home plus the cost to sell it there would be zero money left over to satisfy any of the tax liens that had been placed on the home. I had called at least 20 different people at the Missouri Department of Revenue looking for assistance on how to best handle this problem. Their only response was to pay her back taxes. On every call, I explained and demonstrated that there was zero dollars in her estate and there was no way this could happen to which they said my options were to pay, hold the house and keep paying the mortgage, or let the house go and damage my own credit. Mr. Drury in only a couple of weeks times was able to reach into the DOR and find a way to get the liens released from the home so it could be sold. He saved my family a lot of money and heartache. I would absolutely recommend Lance Drury to anyone dealing with tax problems.
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