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Bruno DiFabio pleads guilty to tax evasion


When a person in Missouri owns a business, he or she may think nothing of taking cash from the cash register to pay for needed items. Unfortunately, such a relatively simple act, if it occurs relatively frequently, could result in a federal investigation and accusations of tax evasion. In fact, Bruno DiFabio, owner of several restaurants and reportedly a “nationally known pizza maker” after appearing on Chopped and the Food Network, has recently pleaded guilty to such charges.

The charges involve actions that are said to have taken place from 2013-2015. DiFabio is accused of failing to report over $800,000 in receipts to the IRS. Investigators claim that both DiFabio and others took money from cash registers, rather than depositing it into a bank account that accountants used to determine sales.

Additionally, DiFabio is accused of paying some employees either partially or entirely off the books. Overall, the IRS claims that it is owed over $816,000 in employment and income taxes for the time period. DiFabio recently pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to file false income tax returns and payroll tax returns. He faces up to five years in prison, a $1.6 million fine and restitution. His business partner previously pleaded guilty to aiding and assisting in the filming of a false tax return.

Accusations of tax evasion are serious and, sometimes, complicated. Often, people in Missouri with little to no legal training are unsure of the best response to such charges. Fortunately, an experienced professional can guide them throughout the process, including helping them determine whether it is in their best interests to fight the charges in court or plead guilty.

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