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Do Americans hate taxes?

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Taxes can put burdens on a person. This is among the things that might lead some to assume that Americans, generally, hate taxes. However, data and research paint a different picture on how Americans view taxes.

For one, it appears that a large majority of Americans see paying taxes as a key part of their civic responsibility, particularly when they feel the money is being used in a good way. IRS survey data suggests that over 90 percent of individuals here in the U.S. see it as a civic duty to pay their fair share when it comes to taxes.

Also, research has found that, when compared to an economic “rational model” of taxpayer behavior, Americans pay more and cheat less when it comes to taxes than what would be expected under the model.

So, it appears that the typical American view of taxes is more complicated than simply just viewing them as a burden. This can have implications on many things. For one, it could have impacts on the effectiveness of different tax policies. Also, it can have impacts on what sorts of things a person is feeling when they run into tax trouble.

When a person falls behind on their taxes or runs into other tax difficulties, they can be feeling a range of emotions. They also could have a lot of different goals as they deal with the situation, some of which could potentially seem at odds with each other. This, along with the complicated nature of U.S. tax law, can make responding to tax problems a situation that is full of complexity for a taxpayer. Skilled tax attorneys can help individuals who are dealing with tax difficulties navigate the complexities of their situation in a way aimed at finding a workable resolution to the matter.

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