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Federal tax filing deadline not April 15th this year

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Each tax season has its unique aspects. This tax season, one thing that will be different from most years is the federal filing deadline. This year, the filing deadline for taxpayers will not be the typical April 15th deadline.

What day will it be instead? For a vast majority of states, including Missouri, this year’s federal filing deadline for taxpayers has been placed on April 18th.

Why is the deadline on a different day than usual this year? It is because, this year, Washington D.C. is observing a public holiday on April 15th. This holiday is Emancipation Day.

As this illustrates, many different factors can play a role in what the deadlines are for tax matters.

It is important for taxpayers to pay close attention to what filing deadlines and other deadlines apply to them when it comes to taxes. It is vital to meet such deadlines, or, when meeting the deadline isn’t possible, to seek out a valid extension if available. Missing a tax deadline without getting a valid extension could leave a person facing some serious consequences from the Internal Revenue Service.

When a person misses the filing deadline or some other tax deadline, the longer they wait to address the matter, the more problems they could end up facing. Thus, when a tax deadline is missed, a taxpayer shouldn’t delay in contacting a skilled tax attorney. Options may be available for minimizing the ramifications of missing the deadline. Tax lawyers can help individuals with identifying what such options are available and with pursuing them.

Source: Fox News, “IRS chief announces grace period, sets April 18 tax filing date,” Jan. 14, 2016

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