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Learn about Legal Assistance Needed During an IRS Investigation in Missouri

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Many people in Missouri and across the country find the tax code of the United States to be overwhelmingly difficult to fully understand. As a result, it is understandable how some could overlook something or make a mistake. Unfortunately, some people could find themselves the subject of an IRS investigation as a result.

Some people come to suspect that they may be under investigation by the IRS for tax evasion, fraud or other crimes. Even if they have yet to receive notice of an audit or have had criminal charges filed, The Law Office of Lance R. Drury can help. We can help take actions that help with these potential threats, even during the earliest stages of an investigation.

Our attorney has a decade of experience as a public defender in addition to several years of experience in a private practice. Between this experience and our team’s in-depth understanding of tax law, we can help our clients create a plan in the face of accusations by the IRS. We will work toward a positive resolution.

Because of our experience, we are fully aware of how overwhelming it can be to be the subject of an IRS investigation. As such, our experienced team is ready and willing to provide the necessary support and guidance throughout an investigation and court proceedings, if it comes to that. We are dedicated to protecting the interests of our Missouri clients, including taking proactive action if an investigation has yet to be launched or charges filed.

Learn more about Legal Assistance options during an IRS Investigation, contact The Law Office of Lance R. Drury.

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