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Tax overpayments: when the IRS owes you money

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It is pretty widely known that good legal advice can be a very important thing to have after being assessed a tax debt by the Internal Revenue Service. A federal tax debt is a very serious thing that can have massive impacts on a person’s life if not dealt with in the right way given the particular circumstances. Skilled tax attorneys can help taxpayers with navigating these very sensitive situations.

An important thing to also be aware of though is that having solid legal advice can also be valuable when a person is in a situation in which the IRS owes them money.

There are a variety of situations in which a person could end up having overpaid their federal taxes. Individuals who have made a tax overpayment have various rights, including a general right to a refund.

Now, just because a person has rights in connection to a tax overpayment doesn’t automatically mean getting what they are entitled to under such rights will be a simple and straightfoward matter. There are a variety of rules and potentially confusing processes connected to pursuing a refund in relation to a tax overpayment. This can sometimes create challenges for an individual when it comes to getting what they deserve following a tax overpayment.

Not responding to such challenges in the right way could endanger the ability of taxpayer who has overpaid their taxes to get what their rights entitle them to. So, when a person is running into problems or issues in relation to pursuing a refund in connection to overpaid taxes, they may want a skilled tax law attorney’s help in the matter.

Our firm understands the various complex legal issues that can arise in relation to tax overpayments. We can help individuals here in Missouri who have overpaid federal taxes with fighting to get what they deserve.

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