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Tax Resolution Authority, Attorney Lance Drury Knows The Importance Of Having The Right Person To Lean On When Dealing With IRS Tax Issues And Liens

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St Genevieve, MO – July 1, 2014 – Tax resolution attorney Lance Drury, founder of the Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, and best selling author of “Success in the New Economy” posted a new article on the LANCE DRURY LAW website entitled “When the IRS places a tax lien on you, lean on an expert tax resolution attorney.” Experience is the most important aspect you want to look for in an attorney when dealing with tax issues with the IRS. Drury is very clear in stating that, “you want someone who does this kind of work day-in and day-out. You absolutely do not want an accountant, and especially not the accountant who prepared your taxes.” Reputation and experience are crucial when dealing with the IRS. And Drury knows. He has been practicing law since 1984 and began representing individuals and businesses in disputes with the IRS in 2006. The IRS places liens on property on a daily basis. According to Drury, “Most people don’t know they have an IRS lien against them until they go to make a major purchase or borrow money.” The entire article can be found here. About Lance Drury Law Since 2006, the Law Firm of Lance R. Drury has been representing individuals and businesses in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and State of Missouri Tax Commission. Offices located in Ste. Genevieve and Columbia, Missouri.

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