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Was Your Tax Preparer Charged With Fraud?

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The ways of getting into IRS trouble seem endless. One way that often takes taxpayers by surprise is when the person who prepared their tax returns is indicted for fraud. It’s a guilt-by-association situation. All the individuals or businesses whose returns were filed by the preparer are immediately implicated in the fraud.

A tax preparer faced with this kind of allegation will most certainly know they should retain experienced tax counsel. The tax-filer on the other hand, may not be aware of the impact and may hesitate to retain counsel. It is a difficult situation to fully understand for someone who is not a professional preparer.

It is important to understand that most of the professional CPAs, accountants and certified tax preparers are honest. The demands of meeting tax-filing deadlines requires that they be dedicated and hardworking. Without exception the most important thing to a tax preparer is getting the best tax deal for their clients within the letter of the law. But, there are exceptions. Some tax preparers may be too aggressive in making claims or may minimize income amounts in order to reap bigger returns for their clients. And, even more serious are when tax preparers fall into greedy behavior and blatantly steal their clients tax refunds or otherwise misuse their clients funds.

If you are a tax preparer facing an IRS investigation or if you are a tax filer whose returns were filed by someone facing an investigation, the attorneys at the Law Firm of Lance R. Drury are dedicated and experienced at resolving these types of problems. Don’t hesitate to call on us or another tax attorney. You’re going to need the best representation possible because guilt by association does not diminish one bit of responsibility.

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